Long Beach Airport
Photo by John Schreiber.

The Long Beach Airport announced Wednesday it was awarded a $15.3 million federal grant to fund infrastructure improvements to its busiest runway, which is primarily used for training operations by flight schools and flying clubs.

“The aviation economy is strong in Long Beach,” Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said. “Pilots are in demand across the United States, and Long Beach Airport is providing the groundwork for a healthy and safe environment ideal for valuable pilot training and excellent knowledge in the field.”

The grant from the Federal Aviation Administration will be used to reconstruct runway 7R-25L to provide a minimum 20-year service life and reduce it in width from 150 feet to 100 feet, airport officials said. After construction, the runway will be redesignated as 8R-26L due to natural shifts in the earth’s magnetic field.

“The grant program funds various infrastructure projects, all of which help create more jobs in Long Beach. Credit goes to our airport engineering team for their efforts in applying for the grant, and to the FAA and congressional delegation for their support,” Long Beach Airport Director Jess L. Romo said.

“An airport runway designation is not subjective, but rather tied to its orientation to a compass heading, he said. This is a key element for pilot awareness and safety.”

–City News Service

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