District Attorney’s Office investigators served warrants at Malibu Mayor Pro Tem Jefferson Wagner’s home in the hills above the city Thursday, and at his central Malibu surf shop.

KBUU radio reported from the scene that investigators declined to divulge the nature of the probe, but Wagner has faced questions about his eligibility to serve on the City Council, since the home is outside the city, in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County.

During the 2016 Malibu City Council election, Wagner said he bought a condominium within city limits and would be living there for the four years of his term, KBUU reported. During his election campaign, he assured voters that he was within the letter of the law by buying the condo and using it as his official residence.

Wagner was inside the home in the 26900 block of Old Chimney Drive when investigators arrived to serve the warrant Thursday morning.

“They are being very amenable. They let me fix breakfast,” Wagner told KBUU.

Six officers were searching the home on a mountainside above Escondido Canyon. Several cargo vehicles owned by Wagner were also inventoried.

Investigators at the scene told KBUU they were also serving a warrant at Wagner’s business, Zuma Jay’s Surf Shop in central Malibu.

Greg Risling, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, said investigators actually served three warrants, “two in the city of Malibu and one outside of the city.”

“Our office declines further comment because of the ongoing investigation,” Risling said.

Wagner is in his second term on the Malibu City Council.

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