A former Ramona Convent Secondary School student is suing the Alhambra all-girls Catholic school, alleging a lack of supervision during a 2017 retreat enabled a fellow student to sexually abuse her.

The teen’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges negligence and negligent supervision and seeks unspecified damages.

A Ramona Convent representative could not be reached for comment on the complaint filed Tuesday.

The plaintiff was among students who attended a senior class Kairos retreat at Lake Hughes on Oct., 9, 2017, the suit states. The outing was scheduled to last a week with Ramona Convent employees attending as chaperones, however parents were not told that the chaperones would stay in a separate residence from the cabin housing the students, the suit states.

School employees chose some students as retreat leaders based on applications they submitted, the suit states. The leaders were allowed to pick which fellow students could stay with them in the cabin, according to the complaint.

On the first night of the retreat, one of the chaperones left about 9 p.m. after taking attendance, the suit states.

“That was the last contact chaperones had with students until the next morning,” the suit states. “The girls were scared of being alone in what seemed like the middle of nowhere without any type of protection, so they decided to pair off, sharing a bunk bed while sleeping in their own sleeping bags.”

The plaintiff was half asleep in the middle of the night when she felt someone massaging one of her thighs and then her private parts, the suit states.

The plaintiff threw off her alleged assailant’s arm, but the leader again tried to touch her, the suit states. The plaintiff once again resisted and went to an empty bunk, where she stayed until morning so she could report the alleged abuse, the suit states.

The teen gave an account of the touching incident to two chaperones, who in turn took her to see the main chaperone, the suit states. The main chaperone isolated her in the chaperone house and the plaintiff waited there “for quite some time with no communications about what was going on,” according to the suit.

A Ramona Convent counselor interviewed the plaintiff hours later and “confronted (the plaintiff) with allegations that the molestation was consensual, which she categorically denied,” the suit states. The plaintiff, “feeling shocked and betrayed,” denied the consensuality allegation, but she “was told to calm down,” the suit states.

Twelve hours after she complained of being abused, the school contacted the plaintiff’s father, who was told to come pick up his daughter, the suit states.

The girl’s mother later called the school and a nun told her she “was sorry about her daughter being sexually assaulted,” the suit states.

After the girl’s mother inquired of the nun why she had not been contacted immediately after her daughter reported the abuse, the nun replied that “the school did not want to ruin the retreat for the other girls and they had to do their investigation,” the suit states.

The plaintiff’s alleged assailant, a bisexual student expelled from her previous school for sexual impropriety, was immediately allowed to return to classes, the suit alleges.

Ramona Convent has been in existence for more than 125 years. Notable alumni include actress Loretta Young, who won the Oscar for best actress in 1948 for her role in “The Farmer’s Daughter,” and Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Los Angeles, who in 1992 became the first Mexican-American woman elected to Congress.

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