The city of Long Beach announced Monday that it has reached an acquisition agreement with the owner of a North Long Beach property slated for potential use as a campus of supportive services for homeless people, including a year-round shelter of 125 beds.

Acquisition of the property at 6841-6845 Atlantic Ave. still needs to be approved by the City Council. Last year, the panel approved a proposal introduced by City Councilman Rex Richardson to explore sites to secure a year-round homeless shelter and local revenue options for homeless initiatives.

“Homelessness and housing are the top two challenges we are facing in the state and as a city,” Mayor Robert Garcia said. “I’d like to thank Councilmember Richardson and the North Long Beach community for stepping up on this citywide issue.”

If the sale is approved by City Council, the city’s Economic Development department will convene a visioning task force for the property to explore potential public-private partnerships, mixed-use development opportunities and other possible services for the site.

“This is truly a transcendent moment for Long Beach. By taking the lead and addressing the homelessness crisis head-on, we’re not only demonstrating compassion for families, students, and veterans in need, but setting the stage for a transformational project here in North Long Beach,” Richardson said. “This is a game-changing opportunity to create a `best-in-class’ campus that connects comprehensive health and wellness with economic development, housing opportunities, and new amenities for the whole community.”

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