Nearly five dozen UPS employees who work routes in Los Angeles and Orange counties were honored Wednesday for delivering packages without a traffic accident for 25 years.

The 56 Southland-based employees are among 1,436 newly inducted into the company’s “Circle of Honor” for working a quarter-century without an accident.

A total of 128 California UPS employees were inducted into the Circle of Honor this year. Of California’s 11,792 full-time UPS drivers, 1,039 of them are in the Circle of Honor.

Among the entire company, 10,364 active UPS drivers are in the Circle of Honor. Thomas Camp of Livonia, Michigan, leads all other drivers in the company with 56 years of delivering packages without being involved in an accident, and James Morton of Huntington Beach leads all California drivers with 42 years.

“My thanks go to all of them for their dedication and focus and for the countless lives they’ve saved,” said UPS West Region President Charlene Thomas. “Their attention to detail has kept them safe and has helped improve public safety.”

Drivers in the company’s Circle of Honor collectively have logged 14 billion miles of accident-free driving in their careers. According to the company, UPS drivers account for 3 percent of the world’s gross domestic product while delivering roughly 20 million packages every day.

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