Weary of his outbursts in the courtroom, a judge said Wednesday he may set a hearing on whether to hold in contempt a billionaire hologram producer facing trial for allegedly sexually harassing a former employee in the workplace.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christopher Lui has warned 51-year-old Alki David every day since Monday to not lash out at plaintiff Elizabeth Taylor and her attorney, Lisa Bloom.

Wednesday’s outburst came in the middle of jury selection. Many prospective jurors shook their heads as Lui called a break in the proceedings and told the casually dressed David that one more incident will result in his setting a hearing on a possible contempt finding against the billionaire.

“You need to stop violating my orders,” said Lui, who also said David was having improper contact with prospective jurors.

The judge told David that the jurors were observing his actions and that he was only making the proceedings longer and more difficult.

David again renewed his complaint that Taylor’s accusations were lies and complained he was being denied the opportunity to ask questions he believed were relevant. David is representing himself in the trial.

Bloom asked that a contempt hearing be set without further delay, saying David had touched her arm.

“I shouldn’t have to work in these conditions,” Bloom said.

Bloom also asked that a sheriff’s deputy be present through the rest of the trial. Thus far a deputy has been present only part of the time.

At the end of the day, David apologized to the court, saying it was not his intention to be disruptive. The judge told David his apology was accepted, but moments later the businessman began arguing with Bloom as she and the two attorneys who represent David’s companies, which include Hologram USA, walked to an in-chambers meeting with Lui. David was excluded from the session.

Taylor, 32, was a witness in the trial in April of Chasity Jones’ case against David. She testified her former boss once picked her up by the ankles and walked her upside down around the office, exposing her underwear. Jones was awarded $11 million in compensatory and punitive damages in April.

David was behind the hologram technology that brought slain rapper Tupac Shakur to Coachella in 2012 and saw the late Michael Jackson moonwalk at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

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