Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nury Martinez called on the city Friday to sue the Trump Administration over its latest immigration policy changes.

One proposed lawsuit would seek to stop the administration from restricting public benefits, such as food, medical care and housing, for undocumented immigrants.

“The city of Los Angeles has made significant efforts and invested in public assistance and housing programs … to ensure that families remain together in a safe and livable environment,” Martinez said.

Martinez said that since the “public charge” rule was proposed in 2018, more people have stopped applying for the benefits, which could create a public health concern for people who depend on the programs.

The new rules go into effect in October. The Department of Homeland Security claims that since the 1800s, the federal government has deemed immigrants must be self-sustaining.

The state of California has already joined with more than a dozen states and counties in a lawsuit over the public charge policies.

Martinez also called on the city to challenge the federal government’s policies related to detaining immigrant children and separating them from their families at U.S. borders.

Last week, DHS announced that it would change policy to hold immigrant children and their families in facilities for an indefinite amount of time, a change expected to go into effect by late September.

“The city of Los Angeles is home to hundreds of families and children affected by these abusive anti-immigrant federal policies,” Martinez said. “It is without question that the Trump administration’s action against our immigrant children are not only unconstitutional but strike at the core of human and civil rights.”

The proposals will be considered by the council’s Immigrant Affairs, Civil Rights and Equity Committee before full council consideration.

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