San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez announced her support Wednesday for Assemblyman Todd Gloria to be the next mayor of San Diego.

Gomez joined the council after Gloria left to serve in the Assembly, so they were never colleagues on the council. Gomez is running for higher office herself, looking to replace 10-term incumbent Rep. Susan Davis in the 53rd District.

“I am excited to endorse my friend, Todd Gloria, to be the next mayor for the city of San Diego,” Gomez said. “Todd has been a champion for San Diego’s working families on the city council and in the state Assembly, and will continue to be one when he gets to the mayor’s office. Together we are going to bring the bold, progressive change that San Diego needs.”

Gloria is considered the front-runner in the mayoral race, with Gomez’s fellow council members Scott Sherman and Barbara Bry, nurse practitioner Gita Appelbaum Singh and political activist Tasha Williamson behind in the polls.

“I am humbled to have Council President Gomez’s endorsement in this race. She has been a progressive trailblazer on the San Diego City Council, and we share a vision of creating more affordable housing, better infrastructure, and robust transportation choice,” Gloria said. “As mayor, I will continue to focus on these issues and more, with the intent to provide community and individual equity to all San Diegans.”

The primary election will be held Tuesday.

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