Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield said Thursday that he has activated his Emergency Preparedness Community Action Team, known as BobCAT, to help provide goods and supplies to vulnerable Angelenos in the midst of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Blumenfield said BobCAT has several warehouses of supplies that have been donated for non-emergency times, and they are now being dispersed as needed.

The councilman said BobCAT consists of a group of community volunteers who have expertise on keeping communities safe when disaster strikes.

“My BobCAT is doing everything possible to help get supplies to organizations serving constituents in need because of COVID-19 impacts, health and economic,” he said. “We have to prioritize and strategically deploy resources so that they last as long as possible and go to where there is the greatest need.”

The BobCAT team has been “overwhelmed” with requests for materials from around the region, and Blumenfield said he has directed all requests to now go directly through his office for prioritization based on level of acute need, availability of supplies that can fulfill that need and proximity to his Third Council District.

To help answer requests faster, Blumenfield is asking all organizations to let his office know exactly what they need by sending an email to councilmember.blumenfield@lacity.org or calling his district office at 818-774-4330 to speak with Safi Lodin, the councilman’s public safety deputy.

Several dental offices have contributed masks and gloves that BobCAT was able to immediately give to local hospitals, and Conservation Corps workers, who were on contract Blumenfield’s his office for community cleanups, will help out food pantries and nonprofits that are suffering.

Over the past few days, BobCAT has distributed pallets of food, soaps and other critical supplies to many local nonprofits, including the Guadalupe Center in Canoga Park, the Salvation Army and the Rancho San Antonio Boys Home in Chatsworth, Blumenfield’s office said.

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