The Los Angeles County Development Authority, T-Mobile and Blue Marble Health have partnered to give away 200 smartphones with an in-home workout app to encourage older residents of public housing to stay active, it was announced Monday.

“While it’s important to maintain physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging all of our residents, especially seniors, to stay active. However, that’s difficult when there’s a barrier to access the technology to do so,” LACDA Acting Executive Director Emilio Salas said. “This partnership helps to break down that barrier so our residents can stay active and healthy — both physically and mentally.”

T-Mobile donated 200 Android LG Aristo phones and Blue Marble Health provided access to its mobile health app, which includes a workout app.

The first residents to receive phones live in public housing communities at Harbor Hills in Lomita and South Bay Gardens in Willowbrook.

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