The Ethics Commission unanimously approved a stipulated order at its meeting Tuesday, imposing a fine of $45,000 on Daniel Ahadian and nur Corporation for violating Los Angeles lobbying laws.

Ahadian was listed by the commission as a former “city official” who worked with the Planning Department, and the sole owner of nur, a planning and land use consulting firm, the commission stated.

Ahadian and nur admitted failing to register as lobbying entities and file quarterly disclosure reports from the first quarter of 2018 through the fourth quarter of 2019. They agreed to pay the joint penalty of $45,000.

Lobbying entities, including lobbyists and lobbying firms, are required to register with the Ethics Commission and report their lobbying activities on a quarterly basis to help the public identify who is attempting to influence city action, commission officials said.

Any person who directly communicates or plans to communicate with city employees in an attempt to influence a land use or other city decision on another person’s behalf should contact the Ethics Commission staff for advice about how to comply with the city’s lobbying laws, the commission stated.

Information about attempting to influence city land use decisions and lobbyist registration requirements for land use professionals can be found at

All penalties levied by the Ethics Commission are paid to the city’s general fund. Enforcement orders can be viewed and searched through the Ethics Commission’s Public Data Portal.

Additionally, the Ethics Commission announced entities registered to lobby Los Angeles agencies reported receiving payments totaling over $20.2 million in the third quarter of 2020.

Reports filed by lobbying entities disclosed that clients paid $20,204,398 to lobby the city during the third quarter.

The 10 lobbying firms that received the most client payments in the third quarter of 2020 received a total of $9,955,327, representing 49.3% of all client payments received in the quarter.

The top paid lobbying firm in the third quarter was Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, which received $2,094,560.

Of the 765 third-quarter lobbying entities, 20 also reported fundraising activity totaling $101,800 for city campaigns, officeholders and committees.

Of the 2,066 clients registered to lobby for the third quarter, the top 10 clients paid a total of $3,253,563, 16.1% of all payments by lobbying clients for the quarter.

The top paying firm in the third quarter was Champion Real Estate Company, which paid $601,445 to lobbyists.

No major filer activity was reported for the third quarter of 2020, the commission stated.

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