A day before an Orange County Superior Court judge will rule on a dispute billionaire Bill Gross has been having with his Laguna Beach neighbor, the “bond king” announced Tuesday his foundation donated $17 million to 52 nonprofit organizations this year.

The William, Jeff and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation founded by the retired asset manager, his son and daughter announced that $2.4 million of the donations went to COVID-19 relief efforts.

The biggest donation — $3.5 million — went to the international humanitarian medical organization, Doctors Without Borders.

The foundation also sent money to Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County Food Bank, the Laguna Food Pantry and United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

“Jennifer, Jeff and I have tried this year to identify and support organizations doing their best to bring relief and assistance during the pandemic,” said Gross, the co-founder of PIMCO. “I believe in donating to where it can do the most good, when it is most needed.

“Whether it is restaurant employees, domestic workers or unemployed musicians, anyone affected by the pandemic, whether directly or indirectly, deserves assistance to help get through this challenging time.”

Orange County Superior Court Judge Kimberly Knill is expected to rule on dueling restraining orders filed by Gross and his neighbor Mark Towfiq against each other.

Towfiq has accused Gross of erecting a net over an art installation that blocked his view and when he reported it to the city Gross and his girlfriend retaliated by blaring TV theme show songs. Gross has accused Towfiq of “peeping” on him and his girlfriend.

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