A businessman who sued his ex-girlfriend, alleging she duped him for financial reasons into thinking he was dating a fashion model, reached a settlement with the woman, an attorney in the case told a judge Monday.

Plaintiff Stephen J. Cloobeck — a Democratic Party donor and founder and former chairman and CEO of the Diamond Resorts timeshare company — sued Stefanie Gurzanski on Jan. 8, alleging fraud, exceeding authorized use of his credit card, theft, money had and received, invasion of privacy and civil extortion.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven J. Kleifield was scheduled to hold a hearing Monday in a motion by production company Unruly Agency to be dismissed as a defendant in the case. Unruly’s attorney, Arnold Shokouhi, informed the judge the entire case was resolved, but no terms were resolved.

Unruly represents itself as a creative marketing agency and a production studio, and Gurzanski has confirmed under oath that Unruly manages her social media on her OnlyFans account, from which she derives significant income, according to the suit.

In his court papers, Gurzanski attorney Arthur H. Barens called Cloobeck “an angry and petty man that has nothing better to do with his money than to pay multiple lawyers to do their best to fabricate a lawsuit against innocent parties out of a set of facts that are unlikely to ever be able to sustain any cause of action in front of a court.”

But according to Cloobeck’s suit, he was “the victim of a cunning serial fraudster” who was introduced to Gurzanski through a mutual acquaintance.

“The two seemed to hit it off immediately and, during the time they were together, Cloobeck doted on Gurzanski,” the suit states. “He spent nearly every waking moment with her (and) tried to help her with what she characterized as her career…”

Gurzanski said she was a legitimate fashion model who appeared on the cover of numerous fashion magazines, that she had modeled for famous fashion brands, that her social media presence was strictly limited to Instagram and Twitter and that she desired a lifelong relationship with him, according to the suit.

But Gurzanski was instead a “professional pornographer and an active seller of content” on the website OnlyFans, where she sells sexually explicit images and videos of herself to the public, according to the suit.

Gurzanski said in a sworn declaration she was the one fooled by Cloobeck and that it started when they met at his home in July 2020.

“I told him about my successful modeling career and businesses in which I was engaged,’ she said. “Stephen also talked about his life. I felt Stephen and I had chemistry and I grew interested in spending more time with him. At the end of the night, Stephen invited me to go out with him the next day.”

On Christmas Day 2020, Cloobeck asked her to marry him, but she declined and told him she wanted to end their relationship, Gurzanski said.

“Starting the day after I told Stephen that I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him, he became unhinged and began abusing and harassing me,” Gurzanski said.

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