The number of COVID-positive patients in Riverside County hospitals dropped from 910 to 855 Thursday, and county officials reported no new deaths associated with the coronavirus in the latest data.

Of the hospitalized patients, 154 were in intensive care, 13 less than the previous day, according to the Riverside University Health System.

There were also 2,237 cases were confirmed on Thursday.

Not all COVID-positive patients were admitted due to the virus. Officials have said some patients entered hospitals for other reasons and only discovered they had COVID after a hospital-mandated test.

The zero fatalities reported Thursday by the RUHS leaves the county’s cumulative pandemic death toll at 5,918.

Fatalities are considered trailing indicators because of delays processing death certificates, meaning some deaths may have actually occurred weeks ago, according to health officials.

The aggregate number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the county since the pandemic began in March 2020 is 457,764.

The number of known active virus cases in the county was 56,257 Thursday. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 457,764. Verified patient recoveries countywide are 401,507.

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