A former Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc. driver has settled a lawsuit she filed against the Fortune 500 company in which she alleged she was fired in 2019 for contracting an infectious disease and taking time off to heal.

Lawyers for Quest filed a notice of settlement on July 12 with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court stating that the case brought by plaintiff Paulina Cruz, alleging retaliation, discrimination and failure to accommodate, was resolved. No terms were divulged.

In their court papers, Quest lawyers denied the Van Nuys woman’s allegations and said she was not entitled to damages.

Cruz began working for Quest in September 2005, driving to hospitals and clinics to pick up blood draws. She worked there for 15 years without any problems, according to her suit filed in April 2020.

In May 2019, she felt ill and went to an urgent care center with her boss’ approval, the suit stated. Cruz says she was diagnosed with chickenpox and went on leave from May 30 to June 7, 2019, as a result of the disease, which results in a characteristic skin rash that forms small, itchy blisters.

Cruz tried to return as scheduled on June 7, 2019, but her boss said she needed a doctor’s approval, according to her court papers.

Cruz’s doctor did not get back to her until June 10, at which time she says she sent the release-to-work note to her boss. Her supervisor told her to come in the next day and she continued to work without incident through June 20, 2019, but that day her boss and another manager called her into a meeting and fired her, the suit stated.

Cruz was “left embarrassed, ashamed, emotionally hurt and in financial desperation” for having lost her job, allegedly for contracting a disease and taking leave, the suit stated.

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