[symple_googlemap title=”Man zapped by stun gun” location=”5000 block of Deukmejian Drive, Long Beach, CA” height=”300″ zoom=”15″]

A 53-year-old man said he might shoot people at a Long Beach golf course implored responding police to shoot him, but was instead zapped with a stun gun and taken into custody Sunday, police said.

The man was carrying a duffel bag and walked onto the golf course in the 5000 block of Deukmejian Drive about 7:30 a.m. He told golfers that he had a gun and might shoot someone, according to Long Beach police.

Officers responded to the scene and found the suspect walking on the course, but the man refused commands and took off running, police said.

As he ran, the man reached toward the bag, saying, “shoot me,” according to a police statement.

The man was first shot with “rubber launchers,” but when they had no effect he was zapped with a stun gun and taken into custody.

“Turns out the suspect did not actually have a gun in the bag,” police said.

The man, identified as Richard Lavalle, was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. He was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest and will undergo a mental health evaluation.

Police said he claims to be military veteran and to have served 17 years in federal prison for bank robbery.

— City News Service

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