Frozen raccoons for $9.99 a pound?

Los Angeles County public health officials said Wednesday they are investigating a Temple City supermarket after a customer reported that it was selling the dead animals along with its other frozen meats.

Customer Christina Dow took a video of the frozen raccoons at the Metro Supermarket and posted it online.

According to the county Department of Public Health, the agency is “currently investigating a report of a supermarket selling whole frozen raccoons. In general, a raccoon would be considered a game animal under the California Health and Safety Code and could be sold, as long as it is from an ‘approved source’ and not listed as an endangered or threatened animal by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife …”

Health officials said they were working with the state, but “until the investigation is over, Public Health will not be able to release details” of the probe.

Employees at the market in the 4800 block of Temple City Boulevard told CBS2 that raccoon is considered a delicacy in China. But the market has suspended the sales pending the investigation.

City News Service

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