A 15-year-old Covina girl pointed what turned out to be a replica handgun at officers who were called to mediate a dispute between the teen and her father, who wouldn’t allow her to go out with a group of friends, police reported Monday.

Police were dispatched to an apartment in the 300 block of South First Avenue on a report of a family disturbance about 10 a.m. Sunday.

After talking with the father, the officers went to talk with the girl, who they found lying on her bed in her bedroom, said Sgt. Gregg Peterson of the Covina Police Department.

As the officers called her out of the room to talk with her, the girl got up and pulled out what appeared to be a handgun that she had concealed in her waistband and pointed it at the officers, Peterson said.

The officers took cover behind the bedroom door jam, drew their own weapons, and ordered her to drop the gun, he said.

The girl responded by saying she wanted the officers to kill her, but they eventually convinced her to drop the weapon, which turned out to be a replica Baretta semi-automatic, the sergeant said. The orange tip had been removed from the barrel and the trigger was missing, he said.

No arrests were made.

City News Service

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