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The father of a 16-year-old girl is suing an actor he alleges had sex with the teenager.

Doug Keefe filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against 33-year-old David Samkow, alleging fraud and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

Although the lawsuit makes no reference to Samkow’s profession, Keefe’s attorney, David Ring, confirmed that the defendant is the actor by the same name. A representative for Samkow could not be immediately reached.

The suit states that the girl, then 15 years old and identified in the lawsuit only as R.K., was “sexually exploited and manipulated” by Samkow in August 2014.

The actor began “grooming” the girl by communicating with her by the social media, texting and phone calls, according to the lawsuit.

“Through his manipulative correspondence, Samkow gained R.K.’s trust and friendship,” the suit states. “Samkow knew that R.K. had just recently moved to Los Angeles County and used this to his advantage in his aggressive pursuit of striking up a friendship with her with the ultimate goal of eventually engaging in sexual acts with her.”

The alleged abuses began with kissing, then escalated to touching and eventually “illegal and unlawful sexual acts with R.K.,” the suit states.

Samkow falsely represented to Keefe that he was the father of one of the teen’s friends, which caused the plaintiff to leave his daughter with the actor under false pretenses so she could see a movie at a mall with a friend, the suit states. But Samkow sexually abused the girl shortly thereafter, the suit alleges.

Keefe found out the truth about Samkow when he reviewed text messages in his daughter’s phone, the suit states.

“Notably, the sexual acts that had occurred between Samkow and R.K. were described in these text messages were written by Samkow himself,” the suit states. “As such, these text messages constitute admissions by Samkow with respect to some of the sexual acts the he engaged in with R.K.”

The girl, now 16 years old, is not a plaintiff.

—City News Service

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