Jonathan Goldsmith. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Jonathan Goldsmith. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The wife of the actor dubbed “The Most Interesting Man in the World” in the Dos Equis commercials said a man suing her husband alleging the beer ad star owes him and his company commissions shared confidential information about his clients with Eva Longoria in order to impress the actress.

Barbara Goldsmith’s declaration is included in court papers opposing an effort by Butch Klein and Gold Levin Talent to dismiss her husband Jonathan Goldsmith‘s Los Angeles Superior Court countersuit against Klein and GLT. The countersuit alleges Klein wrongfully disclosed the terms of a 2012 Dos Equis- Goldsmith contract and “had no role in connection with securing or managing” Goldsmith’s deals with the beer company.

GLT started the litigation by suing Goldsmith Oct. 2, claiming that the actor hired the firm to manage his career in 2002. He was relatively unknown until the beer ad turned out to be “the role of a lifetime,” according to the lawsuit. The complaint maintains GLT is entitled to 10 percent of the almost $2 million Goldsmith will earn in 2015-16.

Goldsmith filed his countersuit on Feb. 9.

In the declaration, Barbara Goldsmith says she worked for Klein in 2004- 09. She says she overheard his conversations in the small office where they worked and that the two were close friends at the time, but that she understood him to be “a gossip” who talked with others about his clients’ confidential information.

“It was Butch Klein’s regular business practice to brag about the deals his clients entered into,” Barbara Goldsmith says. “Based on my discussions with Butch Klein, I understood that he bragged about our clients’ deals as a means of promoting the business of GLT. In that fashion, he could demonstrate to others how fabulous his company was in terms of generating income for GLT clients.”

She further says that after the Dos Equis commercial debuted, she overheard Klein discussing the financial terms of her husband’s deal with different people.

“Additionally, I understood through my observations and interactions with Butch Klein that he is very close friends with Eva Longoria,” Barbara Goldsmith says. “Indeed, I understood that he often went to her house for house parties. And, I heard Butch Klein have telephone discussions with Ms. Longoria many times.”

The phone sessions between Klein and the former “Desperate Housewives” co-star involved GLT clients matters, according to Barbara Goldsmith.

“In my opinion, Butch brought up such matters to Ms. Longoria to make it appear that he was a heavyweight in the industry,” Barbara Goldsmith says.

She says she also believes Klein solicited Longoria’s advice on whether he should file a claim against Goldsmith and that she heard Klein brag about GLT client business with other friends of his.

The GLT suit states that Goldsmith hired the company and Klein in 2002 to manage his career in the entertainment industry in exchange for his agreement to pay a percentage of his earnings from his television, film and other entertainment industry engagements, according to the lawsuit.

The Gold Levin suit states that Goldsmith paid commissions to Gold Levin until November 2014 after saying that the plaintiffs “had earned enough”

But according to the countersuit, Goldsmith and his wife obtained the Dos Equis contract in 2006. She was Goldsmith’s manager before she married him, according to the countersuit.

The combined efforts of the Goldsmiths has generated millions of dollars in revenue for Dos Equis and Gold Levin received a cut of Goldsmith’s earnings even though Klein and his company had nothing to do with “Jonathan’s breakout role,” the countersuit states.

Goldsmith negotiated a new Dos Equis deal — executed in January 2012 — that included a provision that its terms not be made public, the countersuit states.

GLT’s lawyers say Goldsmith’s countersuit should be dismissed because it infringes on the plaintiffs’ right to free speech and to file a lawsuit. A hearing is scheduled May 4.

In March, Dos Equis, owned by Amsterdam-based brewer Heineken, said it is replacing the 77-year-old Goldsmith with another actor in its ads.

–City News Service

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