Photo via Pixabay
Photo via Pixabay

A 77-year-old woman sued the producer of the Miss Latina Cosmopolitan pageant Tuesday for injuries she received after tripping and falling to the stage floor while competing in a competition for seniors in April.

Ana Marie Gomez filed the personal injury suit in Los Angeles Superior Court, naming as defendants pageant producer Loui Valdivia and Fox Investment Co. LLC, which operates the Los Angeles Theatre, where the fall took place.

The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. A pageant representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

According to the lawsuit, Gomez was invited by the pageant and Valdivia to take part in the competition on April 16. She wore a formal dress on stage and was unable to fully see the floor as she walked, the suit says.

Gomez “was unaware that the stage floor was in disrepair and that there were several pieces of the wooden planks that were uneven and lifted up, and others that were held down by tape,” her suit says.

Gomez’s shoe caught on one of the raised planks, causing her to “trip and fall hard to the stage floor,” fracturing her left wrist, according to her complaint.

Gomez says her wrist became so swollen that it could not be put in a cast until several days after the fall. She also sustained contusions and bruises to other parts of her body and continues feeling pain, her suit alleges.

–City News Service 

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