Sometime after 10 a.m. Thursday, O.J. Simpson will tell a four-member parole panel why he should be freed on parole after spending almost a decade behind bars for a Las Vegas hotel robbery.

The former NFL and USC football star, famed for his acquittal in a highly publicized Los Angeles murder trial over the stabbing deaths of his wife and a friend in Brenwood, will speak to the board from his Lovelock prison about 100 miles from the Carson City parole board hearing.

Observers think “The Juice” has a reasonable chance for parole, as the same board already OKd parole four years ago on five of the charges against Simpson.

He may learn his fate before the end of the day Thursday.

Simpson had been found guilty, along with a co-defendant, on 12 charges, including conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, assault and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. Simpson alleged he was just trying to retrieve sports memorabilia that he believed belonged to him.

Despite his sports fame and Hertz rental car TV pitchman, Simpson will probably always be recalled for a dramatic slow-speed police chase that ended with his arrest. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found stabbed to death in June, 1994 outside her condo in Brentwood.

After a lengthy murder trial that was broadcast live on numerous TV stations, Simpson was found guilty in 1995. Some estimates indicated more than 150 million people were glued to their TVs to watch the verdict being read. The not guilty decision was met with derision by some across America, while others supported the verdict. Prosecutors expressed outrage and disappointment over the verdict.

While then-multi-millionaire Simpson spent much of his wealth on that court case, a subsequent civil case surrounding the murders and the Nevada case, media reports indicate that if he is granted parole, he’ll receive about $25,000 a month from an NFL football pension. The civil case had award the Brown and Goldman families significant damages that are still owed by
Simpson, but his pension would apparently be off-limits from that ruling.

Numerous broadcasters were expected to carry the Nevada parole hearing Thursday morning live.

— Staff and wire reports


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