knife in silhouette
Example of a knife, not the one in story. Photo via Pixabay

A 31-year-old homeless killer will be sentenced later this month for the bloody first-degree slashing murder of a South Los Angeles woman who had allowed her attacker to stay at her apartment.

The 45-year-old victim had been stabbed 27 times, with the killer admitting during the trial that he had stabbed her with a butcher knife that was shown in a photograph in court during the trial, according to a prosecutor.

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated less than an hour Thursday before finding Laevin Meikel Weatherspoon guilty of the December 2013 stabbing death of Wanda Threadgill, who had allowed the homeless man to live in her apartment for at least six weeks, according to Deputy District Attorney Casey Higgins.

Threadgill — whose body was wrapped in a comforter on her bedroom floor — was found dead after her daughter became concerned because she had not heard from her mother for nearly two weeks, the prosecutor said.

Weatherspoon was arrested in Chicago in February 2014 after a warrant was issued for his arrest, and was returned to Los Angeles County to stand trial.

Weatherspoon is facing 26 years to life in state prison, with sentencing set Sept. 22.

–City News Service

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