A dermatologist was sued by a former patient who alleges he sexually abused her while the two were alone in his Koreatown office in August.

The plaintiff’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges sexual harassment, sexual battery, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Dr. Hossein Babaali. The complaint seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

A representative for Babaali, who also practices in Santa Monica, could not be immediately reached.

The suit states the plaintiff is a licensed vocational nurse who also is a photographer and model. About eight years ago, an intruder at her home raped, beat and burned her, leaving with trauma and “painful memories” that she experiences to this day, the suit states.

The woman met Babaali while she was working at Southern California Hospital in Hollywood, where he gave her his business card and invited her to make an appointment for any skin treatment she needed, the suit states.

The plaintiff had a laser scar removal treatment during her first appointment with Babaali in June, the suit states. A week or two later, she had her second treatment with the physician at his Koreatown office, the suit states.

A friend of the woman accompanied her to the second appointment and showed Babaali some of the plaintiff’s photography in magazines, prompting the doctor to become “excited” and offer the plaintiff a free genesis treatment, according to the lawsuit.

Babaali also went to lunch with the two women and told the plaintiff she could receive free treatments if she mentioned his services during photo shoots, the suit states.

Babaali gave the plaintiff a free treatment in July and she made an appointment for scar removal and skin tightening on Aug. 11 at 5 p.m., just as his staff was leaving, the suit states.

While Babaali and the woman were alone in his office, he began “sensually massaging and rubbing” her thighs, the suit alleges.

When the plaintiff protested and questioned Babaali about his actions, he replied, “Oh, just feeling your skin, it’s so smooth,” the suit states.

Babaali then touched the woman’s private parts, the suit further alleges.

“Plaintiff, frozen in shock and fear and re-experiencing the trauma she went through eight years past, immediately told (Babaali) to stop,” the suit states.

Babaali responded, “No, its OK, I want to,” the suit states.

Babaali undressed and told the plaintiff, “I’m going to lay next to you,” according to her complaint. She got off the table, put on her pants and tried to leave, but the door was locked, the suit states.

Babaali put his clothes on and opened the door, then briefly followed the woman to her car before she drove home, the suit states.

After the alleged assault, Babaali “repeatedly called plaintiff on her cellphone, often from blocked numbers, stating he wanted to go over to plaintiff’s home,” the suit alleges.

The woman refused to give Babaali her address and stopped taking calls from numbers she did not recognize, the suit states.

—City News Service

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