A man and his daughter settled his lawsuit in which he alleged she defamed him — in a video she created in 2017 — by falsely claiming he sexually abused her throughout her childhood, court papers obtained Monday show.

Lawyers for the plaintiff filed court papers on March 22 with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey stating that the case was resolved. No terms were divulged.

In the suit filed last September, the woman also alleged false light publicity and eavesdropping.

The plaintiff said he did not abuse his daughter, who is identified in his court papers as a 28-year-old musician and social activist who lives in El Segundo.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s daughter created a 17 1/2- minute video, dubbed “The Coverup Girl,” in which she asserted that her father repeatedly molested her during weekend vacations from the time she was 8 years old through “the remainder of her minority.”

He claimed that his daughter asserts that her childhood “provides her with inspiration to create music.”

The man maintained his daughter secretly recorded a phone conversation with him in which he denied abusing her. But his denials were omitted from the segment dealing with the phone call, demonstrating his daughter’s unwillingness to address “her fictitious history of abuse,” his suit stated.

According to the suit, the defendant posted the video on Vimeo.com and also created a YouTube.com posting in which she says one out of five girls suffers from sexual abuse and states: “Sexual abuse doesn’t have to define us. I hope my story inspires you to have courage, too.”

The daughter performed live at a nonprofit homeless center in January 2017 and repeated her allegations against her father to the staff there, according to his complaint.

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