A 34-year-old Inglewood man pleaded guilty and was immediately sentenced Friday to 30 days in jail for filing a bogus car accident insurance claim and then, when police reported it to authorities, alleging the officers committed racist misconduct.

Lamont Kenneth Goodwin pleaded guilty to a count of making a fraudulent claim and two counts of filing a false allegation against police, all misdemeanors. As part of the plea deal, five felony counts of filing a false claim were dropped.

Goodwin was also placed on three years of formal probation.

Co-defendant Sylvia Bustillos Camarillo, 32, of Tustin, pleaded guilty May 4 to a single misdemeanor count of filing a false claim and was immediately ordered to perform 180 hours of community service. She was placed on three years of informal probation.

Goodwin was driving Camarillo’s car May 29, 2016, when he crashed it in Tustin, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Police noted Goodwin was behind the wheel and had no passengers in a report on the accident.

The two defendants, however, made an insurance claim that Camarillo, who had insurance, was behind the wheel and Goodwin, who did not have insurance, was the passenger, prosecutors said.

Mercury Insurance paid $18,000 to the two, but when insurance agents confronted the pair about the Tustin police report they stuck to their story and then on June 13, 2016, filed a phony claim alleging police misconduct at the accident scene, claiming the officers concocted a false report because they were racist, prosecutors said.

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