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LAPD patch. Photo by MyNewsLA.com

Actor Scott Baio said Thursday that he has filed a police report against his former “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert for allegedly harassing him and his wife over claims that Baio sexually abused the actress when she was underage.

“She called me a rapist and a child molester almost daily to every and any audience she could find,” Baio said at a news conference. “And for months we have proven her story to be 100 percent false.”

Baio also said that he has taken and passed five polygraph tests insisting that Eggert’s claims are false. He said the alleged harassment included text messages and tweets directed at him and his wife.

In June, Los Angeles County prosecutors confirmed that they would not pursue a criminal case against Baio, cited the statute of limitations as the reason for declining to file a case against the 57-year-old actor, also known for his work on “Happy Days” and “Joanie Loves Chachi.”

Eggert, now 46, has accused Baio of sexually assaulting her while the two appeared together on the show, on which she co-starred from 1987-90. She claimed the abuse began when she was as young as 14.

Baio has vehemently denied the allegations. He has conceded that he had sexual intercourse with Eggert, but not until she was 18 years old. He said the encounter was consensual, insisting that Eggert seduced him.

On her Twitter page, Eggert stressed that prosecutors declined to pursue a case based solely on the statute of limitations, “never (because) of lack of evidence!!”

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