Two Los Angeles City Council members Tuesday proposed shutting off utility services to illegal pot shops as a way to crack down on the hundreds that are believed to be currently operating.

The proposal comes after Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced earlier this month that his office, in coordination with the Los Angeles Police Department, has filed 120 criminal cases against 515 defendants associated with 105 illegal commercial cannabis locations across the city since January.

Closing down illegal pot shops has proven to be a challenge for the city, as it often involves an undercover police operation and other significant law enforcement resources. There are 164 cannabis business currently operating legally in the city, according to the Department of Cannabis Regulation, but LAPD Chief Michel Moore said earlier this month that there are hundreds believed to be operating illegally.

Councilwomen Nury Martinez and Monica Rodriguez introduced a motion to have the Water and Power and Cannabis Regulation departments report on the viability of implementing an ordinance that allows the city to disconnect or shut off utility service to unlicensed businesses.

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