Cal State University Northridge campus
The Cal State University Northridge campus. Courtesy of the university

For the second time in less than a week, Cal State Northridge was threatened with a mass shooting, this time in the form of an expletive-filled letter making the rounds on social media Tuesday.

“I am writing this to inform the people of CSUN that I will kill everyone on the 12 of December 2018,” the letter said. “I am aware that I will probably (be) shot and killed, but before that happens, I’m killing as many (expletive) as I possibly can.”

The person who wrote the letter said a student at Northridge Academy High School, which is adjacent to CSUN, would carry out a mass shooting at that school the same day.

“He’s gonna give bullys (sic) what they deserve, death,” the letter said.

The threat went on to say the police won’t be able to protect students and staff.

“The teachers and proffesors (sic) are surely going to (expletive) die for making students depressed and giving us (expletive) work that will never serve us good in life. You (expletive) are gonna bleed to death.”

CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin said school authorities are aware of the threat, but it’s too soon to determine if the threat is credible. There is no imminent threat to the school and Los Angeles police are assisting in the investigation, she said.

In response to recent threats of violence and the discovery of racist graffiti on campus, the school’s president announced Wednesday there would be an increased police presence at the school throughout finals week.

“Sadly, the world in which we live requires we take threats of violence and expressions of hate seriously — even when there is no evidence to suggest that the threatened acts are likely to materialize,” CSUN President Dr. Dianne F. Harrison said.

Harrison said she understood there may be some objection to an increase in law enforcement on campus, but said the move is warranted.

“We need this measure of safety and reassurance at this time for our campus community,” Harrison said. She said the stepped-up law enforcement presence on campus would continue as circumstances warrant and the decision to keep the university open will be assessed daily during final exams.

“We have… received emails from students and parents who intensely believe the campus should be closed immediately given the threat,” Harrison said. “We also are aware of faculty who, on a case-by-case basis, have made decisions about adjusting academic requirements this week. I want to thank our students and faculty for working together to make appropriate decisions.”

Last Wednesday, a shooting threat and swastika were found scrawled in a toilet in Sierra Hall, marking the second such incident in a week of hate language being found in the same building.

The threat read “Mass shooting in Sierra Hall 12/12/18” with the swastika below. Sierra Hall is home to the school’s Psychology Department.

“We have not taken our eyes off the appearance of swastikas and hate language in our men’s restrooms,” Harrison said. “We will continue to forcefully and emphatically denounce these cowardly acts of anti-Semitic, racist hate wherever they occur.”

Fall semester finals at CSUN begin Wednesday.

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