A 36-year-old man sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot of a business in West Hollywood was arrested early Friday morning for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

Patrolling deputies approached the vehicle to investigate because overnight parking was prohibited on that business property near the 1200 block of North La Brea Avenue, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Fountain Avenue, the sheriff’s department reported.

“As they made contact with the man to check his welfare, deputies noticed the male was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with an LAPD logo on the front and patches on the sleeves,” a sheriff’s statement said.

The deputies determined that he was not an officer of any law enforcement agency and arrested him, according to the sheriff’s department.

“During the deputies’ investigation, they recognized the person from a recent video posted on social media (that) shows the same male they were speaking to claiming to be a police officer to a group of people,” the sheriff’s statement said.

Bail for Daniel Sohn was set at $2,500, according to sheriff’s inmate records.

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