Three Whittier police officers “acted in lawful defense of others” in fatally shooting a man who was holding a knife to his 4-year-old daughter’s throat in June, according to a document released Tuesday by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The 10-page report memorandum determined that Officers Brian Englund, Jose Bolanos and Anthony Clay were “forced to shoot” Nicolas Moncada last June 11 to “end the deadly and imminent threat to the child’s life” when he refused to release her and continued to hold a knife to her throat.

Moncada — who met his ex-girlfriend at the Whittier Police Department for a planned exchange of the couple’s two children when there were no police personnel in the lobby — put his arm around her neck, threatened to kill her and eventually ordered her to drive them toward a secluded canyon in Whittier, according to the document.

The woman stopped the car, ran toward a group of construction workers and screamed for help, with Moncada taking the wheel of the car and trying to run his ex-girlfriend over before driving away with their 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, according to the document.

The 29-year-old Whittier man refused to drop his knife or to release his daughter when officers responded to a 911 call and told officers that they were going to have to kill him, prosecutors wrote.

The District Attorney’s Office also declined to file charges involving the deaths of:

— Juan Barillas, who was shot after a pursuit Nov. 30, 2017, by Los Angeles Police Department Detectives Michael Montoya and Corbin Rheault, who were among a group of LAPD Special Investigation Section detectives investigating a robbery at a gas station in Canoga Park less than a week earlier.

— Carnell Snell Jr., who was killed Oct. 1, 2016, by Los Angeles Police Department Officer Leovardo Guillen after a pursuit in which officers had seen him with a handgun.

— Robert Risher, who was shot July 25, 2016, by Los Angeles Police Officers Francisco Zaragoza, Isaac Fernandez and Joseph Chavez after Risher fired two shots in Zaragoza’s direction following a foot chase.

— Manuel Borrego, who was killed last March 18 by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Bradley Dietze after advancing toward the deputy while pointing a knife at him.

— Daniel Torres-Constantine, who died Nov. 9, 2017, after being detained by Monrovia Police Officers Juan Huerta and David Andrew at a motel. Prosecutors determined that the officers “used very minimal force” to detain him and that “this force was neither an actual nor a proximate cause of his death.”

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