A 37-year-old man Thursday pleaded guilty to getting into a Rossmoor home, disrobing and attacking a woman before climbing the roof of a school building where he holed up for several hours.

Keith E. Newbury pleaded guilty to one felony count each of burglary and indecent exposure with a prior conviction for the crime and single misdemeanor counts each of assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

Newbury was scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 19 in the West Justice Center in Westminster.

As part of his plea deal, more serious felony charges of attempted premeditated murder and assault with an intent to commit a sex offense were dropped. A conviction of attempted premeditated murder would carry a life sentence.

Newbury was also initially charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia as well as vandalism, but those charges may be dropped at sentencing.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies received multiple 911 calls May 8 about the home invasion, in which the suspect walked into the bedroom of a 14-year-old boy, roused the youth and asked him a question, then undressed as the teen went to alert his parents while arming himself with a meat cleaver.

Newbury allegedly followed the boy and wrapped a USB cable around his mother’s shoulder. The boy’s father, who had been outside, chased the suspect out of the home, according to sheriff’s officials.

Newbury jumped into a white Dodge van and drove onto the grass of Francis Hopkinson Elementary School at 12582 Kensington Road, got out of the vehicle and climbed up onto the roof of a campus building, where he was spotted by a law enforcement helicopter crew while trying to hide, according to the sheriff’s department.

Personnel from multiple agencies surrounded the school building and repeatedly demanded that the suspect surrender. After several hours, the suspect climbed down a ladder supplied to him and was taken into custody.

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