Police corner parolee
Police corner the parolee after the chase. Courtesy OnScene.TV

A driver in a car that was reported to have been stolen led police on an hour-long high-speed chase Monday on freeways and city streets in the San Fernando Valley.

It’s unclear exactly where the chase began, but around 6:35 p.m. the suspect was driving on Van Nuys Boulevard near Cayuga Avenue in Pacoima.

The chase continued on the Hollywood (170) Freeway and surrounding streets. Items were tossed from the car as police chased or tracked the vehicle, twice calling off close pursuit.

During the pursuit, two passengers got out of the vehicle, one rolling onto the pavement while the car was still moving, but the suspect drove on, reaching speeds approaching 100 mph and narrowly missing other vehicles and at least one pedestrian.

The suspect stopped once in the 9700 block of Telfair Avenue in Pacoima and appeared to be ready to give up, but then sped off again.

The suspect stopped in the same block around 6:35 p.m. and surrendered to officers.

According to a broadcast report, the vehicle had been stolen and the suspect was a parolee at large.

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