A freelance videographer Tuesday began the process to sue Beverly Hills and Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli, alleging she ran over his foot when he tried to interview her in April.

Jacob Rogers alleges in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, whose filing has not been completed, that at about noon on April 16, he approached Spagnoli for comment about an internal investigation regarding a Beverly Hills Police Department officer who had allegedly slandered a photojournalist by calling him a “child molester” and a “rapist.”

The photojournalist was not identified in the court papers.

Spagnoli, without justification, got into a vehicle and ran over Rogers’ foot after moments earlier saying she would be “happy” to sit down and talk with the plaintiff, the suit alleges.

Rogers has suffered severe pain, suffering and embarrassment, according to the suit, which alleges assault, battery and negligence and seeks unspecified damages.

Keith Sterling, Beverly Hills public information manager, previously denied Spagnoli ran over the videographer’s foot.

“At this time, it is our understanding that an individual approached Chief Spagnoli wanting to discuss a complaint he had filed concerning a previous encounter with an officer of the Beverly Hills Police Department,” according to a statement from Sterling.

“The chief, out of a desire to be open and accessible, engaged him in conversation, which he recorded with a video camera,” according to Sterling. “However, when the individual became increasingly agitated and hostile, the chief called for support from additional police officers, and ultimately decided it was appropriate to defuse the situation by politely terminating the conversation.

“She has expressed confidence that she did so carefully and did not injure this individual in any way. If we receive information that suggests further inquiry is warranted, we will act accordingly.”

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