A man police wanted to question opened fire at approaching officers in Bell Gardens Thursday then fled on foot, prompting a daylong search and a standoff as he holed up inside a residence, police said.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

According to police, officers spotted two men they wanted to speak with around 9 a.m., but the pair fled as the officers approached, and one of them turned and fired at least one shot toward police. The officers returned fire, but it’s unclear if anyone was struck.

The shooting prompted a lockdown as police established a perimeter in the general area of Eastern Avenue and Quinn Street.

Police said one suspect was eventually detained, but the other — the alleged shooter — holed up inside an apartment building.

“We’ve had conversations with family members who have spoken to him,” Bell Gardens police Chief Scott Fairfield told reporters at the scene. “The individual has made some very concerning comments and statements. We were able to get everybody out of that location that was in that location with him, so now we know it is just that individual inside the location on his own. And we’re in the negotiation mode. We’ll talk to him as long as we have to and hopefully end this thing peacefully.”

It was unclear why police initially wanted to speak to the two men.

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