Two men are arrested on a variety of charges and officers recovered two illegal firearms after they spotted some people drinking alcohol on a street and sidewalk in Pomona, police said Sunday.

Officers were in the area of Eighth and Elm streets a little before 8:45 p.m. Saturday when they saw some people drinking alcohol, the Pomona Police Department reported.

They then shined a spotlight on them and Pomona resident Eduardo Salas, 23, “ran holding his waistband into a nearby residence,” according to a news statement.

Officers detained those drinking and Salas, who police said was concealing some cocaine hidden in a shirt sleeve.

Police then obtained a search warrant for two locations and found two illegal handguns and a 33-round extended handgun magazine. The search warrant also turned up methamphetamine and cocaine.

Salas and Pomona resident Santiago Navarette, 35, were arrested on suspicion of the following charges: carrying a loaded firearm, possession of unregistered firearm, possession of large capacity magazine, possession of controlled substance while armed, possession of controlled substance for sales and felon in possession of firearm.

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