A group of students led by the student body president of a local high school is set to demonstrate Tuesday in Hollywood to protest the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis, with an appearance expected by rapper YG.

Cleo Riley, the founder of Students For Floyd, said she expects students to come from throughout the greater Los Angeles area to gather at noon at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street for a peaceful demonstration.

She said it was unclear exactly how many people would show up for the protest, while noting that she had heard that the rapper YG had posted Monday on Twitter, “LA meet me. Hollywood Boulevard & Vine tomorrow Tuesday 12 noon BLM – George Floyd.”

The rapper subsequently posted to his 3.3 million Twitter followers, “All positive vibes tomorrow. No looting!”

The 17-year-old Los Angeles girl — who is wrapping up her last day of school as a high school junior at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles — told City News Service that she believes it is “important to show there can be peace.”

She said she formed the group less than a week ago after being unable to find any student-based organizations involved in the issue.

Riley — whose father is white and whose mother is West Indian — said she was “completely disgusted” by the video of Floyd’s arrest and believes people are tired of “not really doing any action.”

The organization has been publicized solely through social media, with posts on Instagram and Twitter, Riley said.

“I hope it brings actual change in our legislative system and our government,” Riley said a few hours before the planned demonstration. “Something actually has to change in our government and our policing systems and our prison systems.”

She noted that her group has also been involved in helping to clean up damage, including graffiti, that was done over the weekend in Los Angeles.

“I really think it’s important to clean up because that’s not the intention behind these protests,” she said, noting that she doesn’t think the people who are “creating the havoc … should be associated with any of the causes.”

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