A Black former manager at a Reseda provider of lifetime needs for people with blindness and other disabilities is suing her former employer, alleging she received less money and training than white workers and was wrongfully fired in May.

Shawn Bailey brought the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind Inc., alleging race discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

A TLC representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the suit, which was filed Friday and seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Bailey, 50, says she was interviewed and hired by two white managers in February 2019 as a qualified intellectual disabilities manager, who oversaw about 25 employees at TLC.

Bailey’s responsibilities included ensuring employees followed company policies and procedures, which she performed competently, according to her suit.

Last August, Bailey was given a new supervisor who was friendlier to white employees and disciplined them less often than she did Black workers, the suit alleges. In November, Bailey was scheduled to attend CPR training, but TLC, citing financial reasons, rescheduled it to December, the suit states.

When Bailey did not hear anything about her training once December arrived, she asked a human resources representative to explain and was told a white employee had been sent to the training ahead of the plaintiff, the suit states.

Bailey was confused as to why the white worker was scheduled for training before the plaintiff since she was hired first and also was a manager, the suit states.

That same month, Bailey found out that white workers with less experience were making more money than she was, according to her court papers.

Bailey further maintains she was given unfair write-ups and forced to work late nights even though she has two young children. Bailey says she was transferred from an assignment managing two homes that were in good standing to overseeing one decertified house, then threatened with being fired if the home was not brought up to par within three weeks.

Bailey was demoted in February from full- to part-time for allegedly not being able to work a 40-hour week even though she had been doing so, then was fired in May after being wrongly accused of not abiding by TLC’s visitor policy, the suit states.

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