Pasadena police Thursday released body and dash camera videos of the deadly shooting of a probationer with a gun who ran from officers during a traffic stop over the weekend.

The shooting occurred about 8 p.m. Saturday after officers stopped a vehicle near Raymond Avenue and Grandview Street, Pasadena police Lt. William Grisafe said.

Anthony McClain, 32, died that night at a hospital, the coroner’s office reported. His city of residence was not known.

Video released by police showed McClain, who was a passenger in the vehicle, complying with an officer’s request to exit the vehicle, then run away while grabbing at his waistband, which police said held an unregistered gun which McClain was prohibited from possessing because he was on probation for robbery.

As McClain ran off, one officer pursued him, yelling for him to stop. McClain refused to stop and police said he continued to grab at his waistband, prompting an officer to fire at McClain.

“Fearing for both his and the public’s safety, the officer fired his weapon twice, striking the suspect at least once in the upper torso,” the department said in an earlier statement.

McClain continued to run away and later ditched the weapon, which was recovered at the scene, before he collapsed, police said.

Officers and paramedics attempted life-saving measures on McClain before he was taken to a hospital, where he died.

“Unless Mr. McClain had pistols pointing from his back, he should be alive and well and with his children,” Caree Harper, the family’s attorney, said at a Thursday news conference.

Harper also said the family believes McClain did not have a weapon and instead was holding onto his belt buckle as he ran away from officers.

“A bullet shot to the back is rarely, if ever, justified,” Harper said. “And it is not justified in this case.”

Protesters on Thursday demanded the names of the officers involved be released.

The man who was driving the vehicle was taken into custody and cooperated with investigators, police said. His name was not released. The shooting remains under investigation.

After the shooting, a crowd formed in nearby La Pintoresca Park while police were processing the shooting scene, police said.

“The immediate area was secured and crime scene tape was used to establish the perimeter while officers were assigned to ensure there was no encroachment on the crime scene, which could potentially contaminate and alter the officer-involved shooting investigation,” a police statement said.

“Due to the highly emotional circumstances, throughout the evening, officers were confronted by groups of individuals who entered the southern crime scene perimeter. These individuals tore down crime scene tape and directly confronted officers.

“One individual threatened to assault a police officer, at which time a Taser was deployed in connection with his threats, and upon his arrest, a large crowd rushed towards the individual being detained.

“Pepper spray was immediately deployed into the crowd to allow officers to safely detain the individual. Unfortunately, a minor who was present at the location, was indirectly exposed to the pepper spray.

“A police sergeant checking on the child was sprayed by the child’s mother with pepper spray in the aftermath. The child was treated at the scene by paramedics. The child’s mother was not immediately arrested so that she was able to care for her child.”

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