One of three victims of an early Saturday shooting in South Los Angeles that left one dead wouldn’t be alive Sunday if it weren’t for the quick action of an LAPD officer, authorities said.

A 51-year-old man was shot a little before 2:10 a.m. Saturday in the 100 block of West 111th Street in the Broadway-Manchester neighborhood. He was pronounced dead at the scene, while a second victim, in his early 30s, had been shot four times and was bleeding to death a short distance away, police said.

“We thought we had one scene with the homicide,” said Lt. Shawn Wehr of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southeast Station. “And we found the other victims further down the street.”

A third victim, in his 20s, had been shot in the stomach but was deemed stable shortly after police arrived.

“What happened is three people were shot and they kind of separated,” Wehr said. “One of them’s only going to live because one of my officers put a tourniquet on his leg — otherwise that would have been a double homicide.”

Since officers had only seen the first victim, just one Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance had been requested, he said.

And Detective D. Hayes, also of the Southeast Station, remembers updating the call log to indicate the second victim may have already become unconscious.

Since paramedics were confused due to rapidly changing information about where each of the victims were, Hayes updated the location so the second victim, who had a severed femoral artery, could be located, she said.

Meanwhile, police had to do what they could to keep him alive.

Officer Juan Pantoja applied the tourniquet to halt the outflow of blood, Wehr said.

“I was like, `That’s really great that you saved his life,”’ Wehr recalls telling Pantoja afterward.

When Hayes arrived at Spring and West 110th streets, which is as far as the second victim had made it, she saw officers trying to keep him lucid by talking to him.

“He was able to say his name and say what happened,” she said. “I think the officers saved his life.”

Hayes says she believes the officers were especially effective because of the updated CPR training they’d recently undergone.

By the time the second victim was taken to a local hospital, he was in stable condition, police said. The third victim was also taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries.

All victims were residents of the Los Angeles area, police said.

The suspect was seen fleeing on foot, according to Officer William Cooper of the LAPD’s Media Relations Section.

Cooper said the shooting is believed to be gang-related.

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