The Los Angeles Ethics Commission Tuesday imposed a fine of $7,500 against Lorena Saucillo, a former city clerk who sent people’s credit card information to her incarcerated husband.

“This kind of egregious behavior erodes the public’s trust in city processes,” Ethics Commission President Melinda Murray said. “Today’s decision demonstrates that the Ethics Commission is committed to upholding the laws that protect the public and help to foster public confidence.”

According to the commission, on two occasions, Saucillo recorded credit card information provided by landlords who were paying city fees. Using her city email address, Lorena sent the credit card information to a personal email account accessible to her husband, whom she knew was intending to use the information for fraudulent purposes, the Ethics Commission stated.

It was not immediately clear whether Armando was actually able to use that credit card information for anything.

In March 2019, Ethics Commission staff received a complaint alleging that Saucillo had sent confidential credit card information to her husband, Armando Saucillo, who was a California state prison inmate.

In October 2018, a prison guard seized a cell phone from Armando, and a review found evidence of emails exchanged between a personal email account and a city email address, both belonging to Lorena Saucillo.

Lorena, who was an administrative clerk for the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department’s rent division, has since resigned from the city and admitted to violating the government ethics code.

The Ethics Commission’s documents stated Lorena was employed by the city for approximately 13 years before resigning in May 2019.

Lorena was initially facing $10,000 in fines, but the Ethics Commission agreed on the lesser penalty.

All penalties levied by the commission are paid to the city’s general fund. Enforcement orders can be viewed and searched through the Ethics Commission’s Public Data Portal at

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