The Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement Sunday evening in response to he impending layoffs of sworn and civilian personnel because of the city’s financial crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department stated it had received the city’s second financial status report from the city’s Administrative Officer. The LAPD acknowledged that the current fiscal challenges will require a shared sacrifice, but called the recommended cutbacks “crippling.”

The proposed cutbacks coming on top of earlier staff cuts of more than 500 people was initiated by the city’s decision to cut $151 million from the department’s budget.

“These envisioned staffing reductions would devastate our ability to provide basic public safety, requiring the closure of local stations, (some) jails, the reduction and elimination of services, and ultimately it would jeopardize the reforms and gains achieved in public safety over the last two decades,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. “To protect and to serve — it’s what the residents of this great city want, expect and deserve.”

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