A 27-year-old man who fired shots from an AR-15 style rifle into the air of a Garden Grove neighborhood was in custody Saturday morning after a standoff with police that ended when a K-9 was sent into a garage to subdue the suspect.

Officers received calls about 9:50 p.m. Friday of a suspect shooting multiple rounds in the air with a rifle in the 14000 block of Flower Street and upon arrival were told by witnesses the suspect lived in a home in the neighborhood and was last seen walking toward the area of his garage, according to Sgt. C. Loffler of the Garden Grove Police Department.

The garage was surrounded by officers who used a police K-9 to search for the suspect. The K-9 alerted officers to someone possibly inside the locked garage and officers opened the garage from a position of cover and gave orders for the suspect, identified as David Briones-Torres, 27, to give up, Loffler said.

Briones-Torres stepped into the doorway, holding the rifle, which he then rested between his legs and appeared to be ready to comply. A few seconds later, he appeared to have changed his mind and tried to close the garage, Loffler said.

The police K-9 was sent in and able to subdue Briones-Torres away from the rifle before he could shut the garage and officers moved in to take him into custody, said Loffler.

The .223 caliber rifle had an attached 60 round drum magazine which still contained over 40 rounds of live ammunition.

“It appeared (Briones-Torres) stopped firing because the weapon malfunctioned,” Loffler said.

The suspect was treated at the scene and taken to a hospital for further treatment then booked into jail.

There were no reports of any neighbors injured.

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