los angeles police arm patch
LAPD patch. Photo by MyNewsLA.com

A Los Angeles Police Department officer’s police powers were temporarily suspended pending an investigation after he allegedly fired a gun during a 4:30 a.m. “physical altercation” with a guest at a party at his house in the Harbor area of Los Angeles, Chief Michel Moore disclosed Tuesday.

The weapon was fired in the pre-dawn hours Saturday when “the officer and one of his guests apparently became involved in a physical altercation,” Moore said. The chief said he has “significant concerns” about the officer’s conduct.

The officer reached his unholstered duty pistol inside a drawer and the weapon was discharged, according to Moore, who cited the officer’s account and preliminary information.

The round went through the drawer and lodged into an interior wall, Moore said. No one was injured.

The guest who was involved in the altercation notified the police department after leaving the house, and department Internal Affairs detectives responded to the home and are investigating the incident.

“I have significant concerns about the conduct of this officer and the circumstances of how this occurred,” Moore said. “The involved officer has been assigned home and his peace officer powers have been suspended pending the outcome of this investigation.”

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