The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control’s deputy director has been promoted to chief deputy director, it was announced Monday.

In his new role, Danny Ubario will oversee enforcement of ordinances governing the licensing, impounding, keeping, adoption, and exhibition of animals in unincorporated county areas as well as the 44 cities that contract with DACC for animal care and control services.

A 22-year veteran of DACC, Ubario has worked at or overseen operations at all of DACC’s seven animal care centers and two administrative facilities, as well as specialized programs such as the Critical Cases Processing Unit that investigates potentially dangerous and vicious dog cases, the Major Cases Unit that investigates felony and misdemeanor cases of animal abuse and neglect, Animal and Facility License Enforcement Services, and Emergency Response.

The Marine Corps veteran has served on DACC’s executive team for the past six years and has been an integral leader in implementing many programs, such as DACC’s adoption of the Socially Conscious Animal Sheltering model, according to the department.

He will report to Director Marcia Mayeda and lead the department in her absence as well as assisting her in planning, evaluating and directing the day-to-day operations of the DACC, including management of fiscal, personnel, budget, and information systems.

“Danny brings his decades of experience and outstanding leadership to the department during this critical time,” Mayeda said.

Ubario is a graduate of the USC Price School of Public Policy’s Executive Leadership Development Program, Eagle Leadership’s Leadership Development Program, and Southern Utah University’s Best Friends Executive Leadership Certification Program in animal welfare.

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