Organizers of an effort to recall District Attorney George Gascon collected petition signatures near where he lives, setting up in front of a school across from his house in the Naples area of Long Beach.

The recall supporters collected “dozens and dozens” of signatures on the sidewalk in front of Naples Elementary School in the 5500 block of East The Toledo, organizer Karen Roseberry said Saturday. The event was on public property, she noted.

“He needs to recognize that law-abiding citizens are frustrated,” Roseberry said. “On the very day he swore to uphold the law he issued directives to disregard the law.”

She said one of the people attending the signature-gathering event was a crime victim’s mother who voted for Gascon last November. “She was unaware his directives would let killers out early.”

It was not clear whether Gascon was home at the time. He did not come out to talk with the recall proponents, Roseberry said.

Recall organizers have until October 27 to gather 580,000 qualified signatures, she said. The group has said it will try to collect 750,000 to 800,000.

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