Photo from Pixabay.
Photo from Pixabay.

A woman is suing an unspecified government agency in connection with alleged sexual abuse she says a foster father inflicted on her in the 1980s.

The plaintiff is identified only as T.H. in the Los Angeles Superior Court negligence suit filed Thursday. Although the government agency is not identified by name, its address is listed as 425 Shatto Place in Los Angeles, the principal office of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

The suit also lists other “Doe” defendants that the plaintiff has yet to identify and she seeks unspecified damages. A DCFS representative could not be immediately reached.

T.H. was placed in foster care for about seven years beginning in 1983 with foster parents who were a husband and wife, the suit states. During her placement, the foster father “repeatedly sexually assaulted and abused” T.H. from ages 8 to 14, the suit alleges.

The foster couple had custody of three other children in addition to T.H. and they also were abused by the foster father, according to the suit. T.H. reported that she was being molested, but she was not removed from the home, the foster parents maintained their license and the plaintiff’s allegations were not reported to police, according to her suit.

“There were substantial structural and systemic flaws and deficiencies in the foster care system,” the suit states. “Maltreatment of children in foster care has been a problem that defendants have failed to address in a reasonable manner consistent with their duties to children under their jurisdiction.”

The foster father’s alleged history of abusing children could have been detected with the proper background checks, according to the suit.

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