Los Angeles police arrested the alleged gunman who fired at a crowd near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where fans had gathered to remember 81-year-old performer Vicente Fernandez, who died Sunday morning in Mexico.

The shots were fired from an apartment building across the street and was reported around 6:30 p.m., according to LAPD Sgt. Andrew Dineen at Hollywood Division.

Witnesses told reporters they heard four or five shots fired from an apartment building at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard, east of Vine Street, Dineen said.

Witnesses also said that they saw a person’s arm holding a handgun from an upper story window in the apartment building across the street from the memorial. One bullet hit a glass door on that side of the street, according to multiple media reports.

A team of LAPD officers entered the building and based on information provided by witnesses, narrowed the search area, Dineen said. Officers then found the alleged shooter, took him into custody and recovered a handgun.

The man provided no motive for the attack, Dineen said. His name was not yet released.

He will likely face either assault with a deadly weapon or firing into an inhabited building charges, Dineen said.

No one was hit in the shooting. The LAPD shut down that section of Hollywood Boulevard as they searched for the gunman.

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