Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore Tuesday briefed the police commission on how Los Angeles’ increase in homicides compares to other major cities across the U.S., saying it was a “small comfort” that the number of shooting victims and homicides has not risen as sharply as in other cities.

“The vast majority of American major cities are seeing an increase in shooting violence and increase in homicides,” Moore said.

Los Angeles has experienced a 15.17% increase in homicides from last year and a 51% increase over a two-year period. Meanwhile, over the two-year period:

— Chicago has seen a 60% increase in homicides;

— Houston a 78% increase;

— Philadelphia a 57% increase;

— Oakland a 79% increase;

— Portland a 109% increase; and

— San Francisco a 53% increase.

“I take small comfort in the fact that we’re not increasing at the same rate some others are. That’s only a small comfort when we recognize the number of shooting victims this year over a two-year period are up 54%. That’s a striking number of additional shooting victims,” Moore said.

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