Hemet police officers were joined by law enforcement personnel from multiple agencies in a crackdown on scofflaws along the main east-west corridor through the city, making a “positive impact” as a result of the operation, authorities said Wednesday.

According to Hemet police Sgt. Dan Reinbolt, during a mobilization Tuesday, Hemet police officers, California Highway Patrol, Menifee and Murrieta police officers — a total of 14 personnel — concentrated on catching traffic and pedestrian violators on Florida Avenue, which doubles as a segment of Highway 74.

“Officers monitored morning traffic, looking for speeding vehicles, jaywalking pedestrians, unsafe turns, vehicles following too close and drivers who failed to stop for red traffic signals,” Reinbolt said. “These are the top five causes of crashes in Hemet. This special detail made a positive impact, as no collisions were reported, and commuters certainly noticed the increase in police presence.”

The sergeant said five patrol officers focused exclusively on traffic along Florida daily.

“However, help from our allied agencies allows us to nearly triple our staffing for a short period of time and aids in reminding drivers to slow down and drive more carefully when navigating Hemet’s roadways,” he said.

Additional high-profile operations are planned in the future.

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